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Originally Posted by Ile View Post
First season finished:

Not very much happened other than the expected 102 loss season. Austin Dean had a hot start to the season and hit .350+ at the all-star break and was elected an all star. At that point I moved him to Detroit for top catching prospect Jake Rogers which seems to be an amazing deal. Jake will get the starting catcher role for the 2020 season.

The league decided to expand with 2 teams in the off season, and the AI drafted Wey-Yin Chen for whatever reason, so managed to get rid of his contract too without even trying.

The spare money is being invested into scouting, player development, draft budget and international fa. Basically just trying to get a good infrastructure for the complete rebuild in place!

There was still some money left so I signed an international free agent short stop in the off season and Freddy Galvis to a 2 year contract. I picked a back up catcher, 2 infielders and an outfielder in the Rule 5 draft, focusing a lot on defense and speed for this season. A cheap way to possibly get a few extra wins?

I also lowered the ticket prices from 15 to 10 for this season, which almost tripled the amount of season tickets sold. Hopefully we can play close to .500 ball to keep attendance up for as long as possible.
You definitely lucked out with the Wei-yin Chen situation. Careful with Rogers, Marlins park tends to turn catchers to goo.

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