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Problem with 19

I had 19 and 20 on my desktop and they started not being able to connect. So, I installed it on the laptop and the last week it worked fine. So, with the start of the new season I put it on the desktop again. Now 20 works.. I can connect and mess with my teams. But when I try 19 it says it cannot connect to the server. Interesting is I have added and removed it from the Windows 10 firewall with no luck. More interestingly is that 20 is NOT in the firewall allowed apps, but it works fine.

It gets worse.

So I moved the license for 19 to the laptop and it tells me that no more license are available. 0xE0050008 (ACTIVATESN_LIMIT_MET)

But, if I go back to the desktop and tell it to activate the license it works fine. But, I cannot connect to the server. Catch22. I feel like a Cubs fan trying to win a World Series.
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