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Originally Posted by jouiskc View Post
I really liked the potential of this game. I was desperately looking for a football game that was along the lines of the OOTP products. However, after I started, I was disillusioned about some really obvious flaws.
I started playing a game in 1960 with a NFL v AFL set up. A couple of things emerged that were definitely need work.
1. No ability to expand as you progress through the seasons. Unlike OOTP's historical replay modes, you cannot add teams as they would historically be created. You can't adjust the divisional set up etc to reflect the changes in the league structure either, much less move Pittsburgh or Baltimore to the AFC in 1970. Not true. You can too change the alignment. After the season is over you have to go to the Options menu to find the league structure and change it.
2. The playoff system is screwed up. Instead of taking the division winners and the best runners up as wildcards, they take the "best" teams regardless of their division. One season, all four of the AFL playoff teams were from the AFL East, completely excluding the West, including the division winner that had the same record as two of the East team. Sounds like a bug. Reporting this to the developers would be a start so they can fix it.
3. Free Agency is mandatory as best as I can tell. This really messes with the historical freak in me as I love replaying seasons to see how the great teams would do under simulation. The whole free agent system is very clunky and you really do not get a feel for who is leaning towards your offer. Not going to disagree here.. free agency is a mess but there was recently an update to it (v.1.0.5)
4. I have not found the sandbox portion, so it someone knows where it is, I would love to know. Before starting a league the option is right in front of you. Online, Career, SANDBOX in the drop down list.
5. There are a HUGE number of dropped passes. Even when the receiver appears to be wide open in the game animation, the receivers drop a ton of balls. Again, sounds like a bug. The developers are great with fixing these types of issues. Something that should be reported.
6. The AI is particularly dense. They will call a timeout and then spike the ball on the very next play. The AI team might be down 9 with 5 minutes left, but they are running dive plays from their own 20 yard line. The AI does need some work but these issues also fall on you and your strategy.
7. Each time you go to hire a new coach or GM, there is nobody who is above 3 stars. I am not even sure if the ratings go above 3 stars. I hired the coach from the two time champion (KC in my league) and his rating was only 2 1/2 stars. Doesn't strike me as Hank Stram (or even Andy Reid) like there. Yep, sounds like another bug. Maybe report this one too?
8. Roster management needs help. I found it very confusing. Whats so confusing? Please elaborate.
9. Compared to the Almanac that you would be used to in OOTP, their version is VERY under-whelming. Hard to really appreciate the history and greatness of any of the seasons. No team "all-time" lists at all from what I can tell. It doesn't even list the league champions in their own list. you have to load the whole playoff bracket from that year.Almanac certainly does need more work. No reason to disagree with this statement.
I am still working through all of the functionality, but my feeling after playing it for about 40 hours now is that I am very spoiled by the incredible flexibility and creativity that you enjoy in OOTP. I guess baseball season is only a few months away, so I will just play around with this until it is summer.
See my answers in bold.

Overall, the game is not perfect. By any means. But its a great sim that will only get better.

I am however looking forward to seeing what OOTP puts out! I just know it'll be great.
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