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Since some asked for the College Football game:

You can export the draft classes from CF17 and import them in to PF18. You just need to convert them (they have provided some help there).
It will be easier with the next iteration of the College Football game.

The college game is inbetween PF16 and PF18.
It has two main gameplay elements.

- Playcalling is like it is in PF18, it just doesn't come with the watch feature.

- The second one is Recruiting, which feels really rewarding in my opinion, but I'd recommend to play with a low prestige team, otherwise it's a bit too easy to get all the 5 stars. I play Temple with a 67 prestige right now and I get up to two 5 Stars and up to five 4 Stars every season - right now I'm playing with the 4th best recruiting class.

- If you like, you can do gameplan and depth chart for every formation. I leave gameplanning up to the AI (since I playcall what I feel like) and I just use the master depth chart instead of formation specific. So on that part, it is what you make out of it.

What the game is lacking is coaches/staff management (which is in for PF18), and you won't get offers to take over another program or so.
There is also no JuCo, no transfers and commits won't decommit.
There is no conference movements, no FCS level and the game is hardcoded in terms of the amount of teams per conference (you can mess with that in xml files, but for the sake of not mess up scheduling, don't do it). The game is set to 128 colleges, as it has been last year. UAB for example is not in. You can edit each school though. Like in Pro: Career is limited editing, Sandbox is everything editing.

You won't be able to change the playoff format. It's a 4 team playoff, no options for 8 team playoff, the BCS or older systems. The rankings are a little bit weird. There is only one poll, it gets it somewhat right, but it is a bit weird at the beginning. A 0:3 Ohio State might still be in the top 15, but it gets it right where it matters.

For me personally it is perfectly fine. I love the CFP in real life and it is fun in game as well. The recruiting provides enough depth with what to target and whom to leave for good. Stats are available plenty.'s a good game (not great) and I'm currently in my 50th+ season.
I hope this gives some insights for those interested into the college game.

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