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Originally Posted by Twinkie125 View Post
- some form of player mood/morale
- possible auto-generated league history? (Literally just auto-generated team records that could then give a reason for certain teams to start off good or bad in terms of fan loyalty/morale)
- custom logos, uniforms, fields (just little cosmetic things
"Just little cosmetic things"

Things like that and player morale and newspaper write ups and any kind of personality for teams that make the players seem like real people and make the game immersive is what I like.

OOTP is obviously an incredible game all around, but (and I may be in the minority here) player pictures and personalities go a LONG way toward my enjoyment of the game. Obviously the customization and stat history are givens, but those little things are the parts that make me think about the game when I'm away from it.
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