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XOR NFL Challenge

Originally Posted by james17 View Post
Definitely one of the better football sims. It was a blast to play and I wish it was still around.
You have no idea how good a sim this was. Bought the original for $100, best money I ever spent on a "game". The rapid sim mode allowed you to play 100 games in a matter of minutes.

Just one example, the 1988 SB 22 or Scab Bowl, Skins vs Buncos. The Challenge predicted Skins would blow out Denver BIG with a 94% probability. I laid down heavy.

Denver jumped out early 10-0, didn't sweat at all. So confident, end of Q1 10-0, I called and doubled down with my bookie and got +10 points, (Wash was +7 to start the game), he thought he was getting a good deal.

The 2nd quarter was history, 35 unanswered points 35-10 at half. Called him again, gave him +6 points for the 2nd half, and doubled down again. Final 42-10. In the days before caller ID, my phone rang, I knew who it was, he asked "WTF did you know about this game?" Tight lipped and holding back a LOL, "Oh I was just playing around, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then."

The bookies hated me. The "Game" paid for itself thousands of times over. I hated the day XOR went off the grid, in all these years, not even Madden with all its variables has been able to come close. Enjoy.

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