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End of the regular season
Certainly in light of how the season started it proved to be somewhat successful. I ended up with a 41-32-9 record and the 91 points gave me a 3rd place in the Pacific Division, 4th in the West.

My two prominent scorers this season, McDavid and Eberle, ended 6th and 7th in the scoring race their production tailed off a bit and a few guys, like Pavelski and Duchene went on long streaks.

No sophomore slump for Connor McDavid as he ended his second NHL season with 90 points in 82 games (37 goals, 53 assists) and a GR of 72

Nathan MacKinnon did settle into a nice rhythm as 2nd line center and ended the season with 57 points in 79 games and had a career-high 27 goals. I do want to try him on 1st line wing again next year as I want to utilize his speed with McDavids playmaking, but let's see how free agency pans out.

Cody McLeod is a bit-part player in me offensive scheme, where there doesn't seem to be room for a scrapper. He ended with 11 points in 82 games, which is on par with former seasons, but he only had 41 PMs, which is less than half what he had in 48 games in 12/13. Only 3 fights all year - am I missing a setting somewhere?

League leaders:
J. Pavelski (54)
C. Perry (42)
R. Nash (40)

R. O'Reily (66)
M. Duchene (62)
S. Crosby (58)

J. Pavelski (104)
M. Duchene (93)
J. Tavares (91)

Goalie leaders I didn't have time to update these, but I'll throw in a screenshot when I get home.

Notable events: ...some dudes remastered Skyrim, which let the Oilers GM to abandon his team for a while, reports indicate he 'got it out of his system'... Joe Pavleski had a league high 20 game point streak late in the season...
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