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MLB Manager 2017 Save System

Being that we're finally in the off-season, and I imagine work will be started on the new version of MLB Manager, I'd love to ask some questions about the save system again.

Is there a possibility that in future releases we could be given the option to save manually (i.e. before we play a series with a given team), and after we've played that series of games, go to our saves and load that manual save, taking us back to the exact point where we saved before that series? AND alongside our manual save (that only saves that exact moment in the game), there could be an auto save that basically does what our current saves do anyway. That way, when we go to load a save, we could select an auto save that would load wherever we left off last, OR a manual save that would load wherever we were at the moment that we made that save.

That way, if I'm down to the last 5 games of the season and I only need to win 1 to make the playoffs, but I end up losing all 5, I could load my manual save before playing those 5 games, and I could try again instead of being out of luck. Sure, it's not as realistic as reality... but it's a management game, and I'd love to learn the right tactics to win. It's basically like a using a "Back" button when playing chess. It's the best way to fail and try again.

I'm basically describing the save system used in Football Manager Mobile 2016/2017. They have 4 iCloud save slots, 4 Local save slots, and 2 Auto-Save slots. So, you can usually go back to whatever match or moment you remember to save. And if you forget to save altogether, the Auto-Saves save your butt.

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