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I hit the halfway mark of the first season and I'm now 19-16-6 for 44 points. I'm only fifth in the Pacific division, but with my recent good form I'm still cautiously optimistic.

There's no runaway team in the league, but the San Jose Sharks are number one at the moment with a record of 26-9-5

State of the Macs after 41 games.

McDavid is having a good sophomore year in the NHL, he is on 20 goals, 31 assists for 51 points in 41. He's behind Eberle in both goals and assists, but he does have 6 game winners, 4 more than Eberle.

MacKinnons bad form continued and as a consequence, I moved him to the second line. He has improved slightly to 10 goals and 12 assists in 38 games, but that's still pretty disappointing. Somehow his GR at 62 is 1 better than Eberles, so I guess he does some good defensive work.

McLeod is quietly doing... not much really. He is averaging 7 minutes a game and has 4 points in 41 games. Even with the role of 'punishing forward' he still has only 14 penalty minutes - there must have been something in that Denver air.

League leaders:
S. Stamkos (26)
J. Pavelski (23)
J. Eberle (21)

M. Duchene (33)
J. Eberle (33)
S. Crosby (32)

S. Stamkos (56)
J. Eberle (54)
C. McDavid (51)

H. Lundqvist (23)
S. Varlamov (22)
B. Bishop (21)

GAA (minimum 10 games played)
R. Lehner (1.87)
M. Mazanec (1.93)
B. Bishop (2.01)

J. Enroth (7)
R. Lehner (5)
J. Gibson (5)

Notable event: ... Patrick Laine had his rookie season ruined as he is out indefinitely with a concussion...
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