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I read an article in a sports magazine in 1984 where Dan Marino was going to play Joe Montana in this game. I was fascinated. I called everywhere in Toronto looking for this game and finally I found it. $100! (that's more than $233 today). I didn't care, I had to have it.

I was not disappointed and it was worth every penny. I lost many nights sleep just playing. The only flaw in the game was that a good running game could defeat a good passing game. The AI was a passing fool so I stayed on the ground.

The X's and O's were brilliant because you couldn't correctly design really looking players to take the field. The X's and O's were easier to manipulate and after all when a coach diagrams a play, he uses x's and o's and not pictures of the other team.

My kids (who were very young) became orphans for a while. Eventually I rejoined them because all good things must come to an end. Best and most exciting game I ever played and worth every expensive penny.
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