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2015 Opening Day Roster Set Available

If anyone is interested. I created a 2015 opening day roster set for OOTP 6.5 and will make it available for anyone who is interested. If someone would be willing to host it for public download, that would be great as well.

In a perfect world, I would spend another 100 hours perfecting the set, but time is limited, so it is the best it is going to be for this season. I am 90% satisfied with its accuracy on the ratings/talents.

I am 95% sure I have the opening day rosters in their entirety. I may be missing a player here and there, but I have the top 900ish prospects in the file. With only 3 levels of minors, some players are omitted due to space constraints, but I don't think the omitted players are of any great importance.

Anyway, shoot me a site PM if you want the file or if you would be willing to host it for public download.

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