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Looking for an older version - message board style

Hi Guys,

I recently just left an OOTP 6.5 league that did everything through a website. I don't know if this is a common way of running leagues, but the way this league was run was:

Everything is uploaded to a website and we would send the commish the changes that we wanted to make (FA, Trades, Signing, Lineup changes, callup, etc.). I really enjoy playing this way as most of the time I am playing on my IPAD and don't have access to the actual OOTP game.

I have played both 6.5 and a 15 league and really enjoy the simplicity of 6.5 more. I don't know how much difference there are between say 6.5 and version 8 or 10 where the game gets alot more involved.

Anyways, if anyone has a league that operates message board style and has an opening, please let me know as I am looking to join another league or 2. I am willing to try a more update to date version, but would want to see the setup to see how involved/complicated the website gets.
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