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FEBL still in need of a new owner for the Minneapolis franchise.

We have passed the trade deadline for our current season so now is a great time to join up as you can get a handle on how we do things without the need or pressure to worry about trades or other teams.

Minneapolis is currently the worst team in the league and has essentially been ownerless this entire season. I have been overseeing the team, tending to injuries and making sure the team is whole, but that's about all that has been done with the team since the season first started. It is currently in line for the #1 overall pick in our next Amateur Draft. So, basically, whoever takes the team over will have the opportunity to shape the team however they want.

We are looking for an owner who is willing to participate in the league and do right by the team. The new owner will also need patience, as per the last paragraph. Prior experience with online leagues is not necessary but you are required to own your own copy of OOTP 13 and you will hopefully be familiar with how to navigate within your game.

Right now, we are scheduled to wrap up the current season with our playoffs on January 12th and we will run arbitration on either the 14th or 15th. We will start the off-season soon afterwards. I would like to have someone lined up for the team by the time we hit the off-season.

Website and my contact e-mail can be found in the original post.

BTW - Right now, we have no plans to upgrade to a newer version of OOTP. It is possible we will do so sometime down the road but I cannot state for sure when or if we do.
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