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If you really don't see yourself being able to compete without an infusion of lots of talent, then trading the good players you do have for good prospects is probably your best bet. Be careful not to just take what you can easily get right now if you have the rights to that player for more than just that season though. Sometimes it pays to hold onto a player a season or two longer. Yes, his value might go down in that time, but it might also go up and the situations of other teams might make them more interested.

Satchel's entirely correct that a stud SP is often the most valuable commodity in an online league, but even their value can fluctuate even if their performance doesn't. He's also right that if you're going to probably lose him to free agency then it's probably best to get at least something, unless of course you're truly insulted by the offers you get.
Support the Personal Bodyguard DH or the one-and-done DH
(I think they're both better than both the AL and NL games)
With the advent of openers, I prefer the Personal Bodyguard over the SP-only DH
and more flexible substitution rules.

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