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Here are a few more tips that I posted in response to a Tech Support Query:

When running a long-term sim, you have to be aware of the file sizes that you will be creating. I'm not sure what your computer's specs are, but unless they are mind-blowing you are going to want to scale a few things back.

If you are using an existing roster set, go to Game -> Game Setup while in commissioner mode. Under the Global Setup tab, you'll want to save no box scores, game logs, or game replays. You'll likely also want to limit the news logs, injury logs, and transactions logs history. Under the League Setup tab, you'll want to view the Options tab for each league and carefully select the Select Stats Detail that you feel that you need. You may want to turn the minor league details down to Low.

If you are planning to use FaceGen, you may want to disable it until such time that you actually begin to play out your games, or at least only create pictures On Demand. Otherwise, you'll end up with a bunch of images that you'll never see.

If you are creating a new league from scratch, you'll also want to look under the Create Game tab and deselect the Create and Maintain Hidden Players box if you aren't using scouting. You may also wish to consider limiting your settings on keeping career L/R splits, fielding stats, and postseason stats, at least to the major league level only. Very strongly consider checking the Delete those who never reached Majors box.

After going through your long sim periods, you may also wish to delete all of the files found in the messages folder within your .lg saved game folder. They start to add up.

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