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How to change where OOTP stores user data (saved games, etc.)

2 options:

1. Create a new folder where you'd like to store your OOTP data. For example, D:\MyOOTPData\data

2. Go into Game Preferences, and under Custom User Data Path, select where you would like to put all of your OOTP stuff, i.e. the folder you established in #1 above. The folder name must end with "\data"!

3. Quit OOTP

4. Find the "data" folder currently used by OOTP (by default, C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP Baseball 8\)

5. Manually move the data directory and all subdirectories from there to the new folder you set up in #1. (Below is a screenshot of what it should look like when you're done.)

6. Start up OOTP

That should do it!

If for some reason you can't do this, for example because some kind of crash is preventing you from even loading the game, then try these steps instead:

- We need to tell OOTP to open the data from that folder. Open the Windows Start menu, click on "Run", enter %appdata%\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP Baseball 8\data\config and hit Enter. This should open a folder with some config files in it.

- If there is a file called "paths" already there, open it with Notepad or another text editor. If there is no such file, right click in the folder, select "New --> Text Document." Call the file "paths" (with no .txt extension), and open it in Notepad.

- In the first line, write "path_user_data" and hit enter, in the second line write the path like this one: C:\OOTP8\data. So the file should look like this:


- Close and save it and restart OOTP

Screenshot of what the folder should look like:
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