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O'Neal: America's Next Gen Hockey Family

Terry O'Neal- A 13 year old prodigy, from Abington Township, PA, who idols the play of Sideny Crosby and Mario Lemieux. HE LOVES TO SET UP HIS TEAMMMATES FOR GOALS. Though he plays for the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers, he loves the Pittsburgh Penguins. He wants to get to the NHL as fast as possible hoping to play Major Junior very soon.

Franklin O'Neal- Though he is 11 years old, he has the intellegence of a 15yr old. He is one of the best two way players in the state Pennslyvania. He plays up for his age playing for the same team as his brother Terry. He isn't as in love with hockey as his brothers, he just wants to use his skills to gain a scholarship to a great university.

Lowell O'Neal- The 8 year old goalie of the future. This poor boy has been taking clap bombs to the face from his brothers since he could stand. His goal is to out do his brothers and be the best hockey player in the world. He dreams of palying for his idol's, Tuukka Rask, junior team Ilves Jr. He currently just plays in the local pick up games until he is ten.
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