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Originally Posted by RchW View Post
That's completely illogical. the 10-day DL (I know not PC)
It's not so much that it's "PC", just that it's "C". This is true of most things that are labeled "PC".

A player isn't "disabled" when they pull a hamstring, break an ankle or tear a UCL. They're injured. And people that have an actual disability can certainly play in the MLB.

As to the actual rule: A longer required IL stay incentivizes teams (and players) to ignore injuries. A shorter one allows for more gaming of the system (easier to have a guy skip one start than two).

I'd be in favor of more of a taxi squad approach and then you can do away with the IL completely.

Give a team 20ish active players per game - anyone from the 40 man roster - with a limit on the number of relievers.

Starting lineup 8 (or 9)
Bench 5 (or 4)
Starter/Follower 1
Relievers 6-8

Then, teams can switch out the starter/follower and any other players they don't want to use the next game.
Players can be moved on/off the active roster at will (no more options - this would also require changes to how service time is acquired (starting pitchers shouldn't lose service time on their rest days).
If a guy is injured, then you just leave him off the active roster until he's ok (there'd still be a 60-day IL that would function just like the current one).

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