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Originally Posted by wallewalls View Post
i dont know if this is the right place, but since you cannot edit existing MLB player's facegens, is it possible for the devs to get rid of the beards for the guys on the yankees. aaron hicks who's been on the yankees for a few years now still has a beard for some reason in facegen. stanton also has one now.

i try to get rid of it and it says no beard is listed but he still has the beard in the facegen. will really bug me when i start my full yankees save on thursday
Originally Posted by Lukas Berger View Post
Yes, I can do that

I'm not sure it'll make it into the build Thursday, but I'll try to get it in in time.
This is done and new clean-shaven faces for Stanton, Hicks, Robertson and Peterson will be in today's build. Couldn't do Walker though, as he didn't sign till after the Yankees photo day and so his Pressbox photo still has him with the stubble like he had last year on the Mets.

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