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"Starts Every..."

I looked for an answer in the manuals and couldn't find one, and I haven't looked at enough box scores or crunched the numbers to figure it out.

What happens in a case in which you have two backups for a position and one's rotation is the factor of another? Let's assume I have: 1) regular, 2) starts every third game, 3) starts every sixth. Who starts game 6, #2 or #3? (let's assume there are no injury or fatigue issues). Who starts game 12?

What happens when one player is the backup for two positions and you reach a convergence point? For example, player starts every third game at 2B and every fourth at SS. Which position does he start in on game 12?

Sometimes, if I let the bench coach decide depth charts, they'll put two different players in the same "starts every" number. What happens there?
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