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FHM5 - Online Update


Was wondering if we could hear some feedback on if some of the online features of FHM5 are being worked on.

Currently we have approximately 15 people who are excited to get an online league going, but we have decided to hold off after encountering numerous issues with our test league.

Just wondering if there has been some progress made on the following:

- Uploading / Downloading files. While not a huge issue, being able to manage files like OOTP would be a plus:

- Injured players breaking the sim:

- Draft Lists not exporting properly:

We've watched silently while the core game has been given some love since launch, and we're hoping some time will be set aside to address the online features of the game.

We have about 5 people on standby just waiting until we start our league in order to purchase the game, and I imagine there are others in a similar situation.
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