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2 schedules or a tool

Hi guys, I have an either/or scenario:

I'm looking for two schedules. They would be games on Thur-Sun, all against the same team, but swapping home/away (So team A is home Thurs/Fri, team B is home Sat/Sun).

The first schedule is 20 teams, 1 sub, 1 division, play everyone 4 times (so one series), for a total of 76 games over 19 weeks.

Second schedule is the same idea, but 11 teams, 1 sub, 1 division, play everyone 8 times (2 series) for a total of 80 games over 22 weeks. Everyone would get two "bye" weeks.

Before my old laptop crashed I had this excel file that I'm assuming I got from here that could be used to build a schedule and it spit out the XML file to export to notepad. I don't have any issue putting the time to build these schedules myself, but I can't seem to find that file for the life of me on here. And I can't get it off my laptop anymore. Does anyone have that file for me so I can just do these myself?


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