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Prospects' Potential

I'm at the trade deadline and I'm in rebuilding mode. I have a question regarding prospect potential ratings. While I understand a player's potential rating can fluctuate based on the most recent scouting, I am wondering if there is a mistake as to what I am currently seeing.

The #1 prospect in the Top 100 list currently has a potential rating of just 2 stars. The #6 overall prospect has a 0.5 star potential rating. And the trend continues.

I do understand that ratings fluctuate, and that you can change the scouting accuracy. I like to play with the accuracy as is so it has that unpredictability like real life. But considering their placement on the Top 100 Prospects list, shouldn't they maintain a fairly high potential rating?

I feel like you should feel confident in trading for a prospect in the Top 10 but I'm hesitant to trade for the #6 overall prospect when he has a 0.5 potential rating.

Any help would be appreciated.
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