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Originally Posted by gmo View Post
There are a couple of different choices where I think it would work well either way, so I wanted to get your input on which way to go.

First off, I foresee 36 total league games. That would allow for 4 interleague games (and thus 40 total games) or 8 interleague games (and thus 44 total games). Which would you prefer?

For the league games, one option is going predominantly division with 8 games against each division opponent and only 1 game against each other league opponent, and the other option would be 4 games against each division opponent and 2 games against each other league opponent. Which would you prefer?

To possibly make it even more confusing, there is a completely separate option if you would like it as opposed to any of the above - no interleague, 42 games total with 6 per division opponent and 2 per other league opponent.

This would make most sense to me, Keep the games within their respectable no inter league matchups with the majority of games being played within their own division. THANKS GMO!
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