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Here is Bobby Mathews pitching stats along with stas form Cy Young and Cap Anson.
I'm not really sure why but it seems like the computer thinks Cy Young should be a reliever from 1893-1895.
He probably lost close to a 100 wins.
I had to set him in the rotation for 1893-1895 and he was terrible. His real stats from those years should make him a top starter.
The game seems to favor a pitcher that went 3-1 over a pitcher that was 12-10. Maybe games started should hold a little more weight?
Easy not to lose 20 games when you didnt start 20 games.
Another thing is that when i got to 1920 the computer is still trying to make Babe Ruth the starting pitcher.
I changed recal from 3 to 1 year and now it took him out of the rotation.
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