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Originally Posted by ArcAngel View Post
Well, the plan is to resurrect the Baby Cakes as a AA team in the Southern League, as per this article.
Nice article... thank you.

Yes, the Baby Cakes made money off the name... but the people of New Orleans hated it... they wanted something that connected to the city and its heritage... Baby Cakes was a contrived name that tried to tie in with the New Orleans King Cake tradition... it was a very poor and forced attempt.

I really hope if the Southern League comes to New Orleans, they will choose a name that ties in with the city's history and heritage.
Something like New Orleans Bayou Blues... connecting the city's jazz heritage and the swamp land and swamp life... or New Orleans Buccaneers that is associated with Jean Lafitte and Dominique You, two smugglers, who helped Andrew Jackson beat the British in the Battle of New Orleans in 1814.
Incidentally, "bayou" is pronounced "by- you".... not "by-yo" as in the great Hank Williams' song "Jambalaya"... Roy Orbison and Linda Ronstadt got it right in their hit versions of the song in the 60s and 70s.


and yes, I know about the American Basketball Association team, the New Orleans Buccaneers in the late 60s... know the Bucs very well... I married one of their cheerleaders... I really loved the Buccaneers with Doug Moe, Jimmy Jones, Larry Brown, Steve Jones, Jackie Moreland and Red Robbins, coached by Babe McCarthy.
Link to New Orleans Buccaneers:

The ABA used a red, white and blue ball... see the logo.

And for all you little darlin's and buckaroos, here's Johnny Horton singing his #1 song from 1959: "The Battle of New Orleans".
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