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Originally Posted by nutt View Post
EDIT: By 1994, the only teams in MLB that still shared stadiums with an NFL franchise were: Minnesota (Twins/Vikings), Milwaukee (Brewers/Packers played 1-3 games at County a year), California (Angels/Rams), Seattle (Mariners/Seahawks), Florida (Marlins/Dolphins), Philadelphia (Phillies/Eagles), Pittsburgh (Pirates/Steelers), Cincinnati (Reds/Bengals), Houston (Astros/Oilers), Colorado (Rockies/Broncos), San Diego (Padres/Chargers), and San Francisco (Giants/49ers). Only five of those were even in contention (Angels and M's were in that Western failure)
The decision in regards to the 1994 MLB post-season were made before the regular season had started. The announcement of the home field assignments to the divisions for the '94 playoffs, for example, was made on March 24th. As I recall the tentative dates for the starting of each playoff round was published in early April.

Note too that conflicts with the NFL schedule need not only involve teams sharing a stadium. It can also apply in cases where the stadiums for the baseball and football clubs are adjacent to each other and games are scheduled for each on the same day. Back in 2008, for example, the Orioles rescheduled a home game when it fell on the same Sunday as the Ravens' regular season home opener.
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