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Originally Posted by nutt View Post
Even at 66-48-1 to 66-49, it is still one-half game behind. The tied game would've been replayed at some point, and the Reds-Cardinals had a DH rescheduled for late August of 1994.
What I'm suggesting is that perhaps the tie game in the (as played) schedule wasn't removed. If it's not, then it'd have to be listed as a win for one club and a loss for the other. Normally in the historical as played schedule any tie games are removed since they didn't count in the standings.

I'd suggest checking the standings to see which, if any, of the other clubs also has a record not in keeping with the actual Aug. 12 standings.

Originally Posted by nutt View Post
I... but what on earth was the reasoning for the NL to not have HFA in 1994? I remember the printouts in TSN that said the NL would've hosted, not the AL. Was this some sort of last minute change in 1994, based upon what NL teams were in the race and shared stadiums (Astros, Reds, Giants)?
According to my notes it was done to avoid conflicts with the NFL schedule due to MLB's expanded playoffs.

The scheduled starting dates for the 1994 post-season:

Division Series: Tues. Oct. 4
League Championship Series: Tue. Oct. 11
World Series: Sat. Oct. 22
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