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I'd like more flexibility. Roles should not be forced for players based on the line.

You should be able to assign all players to any offensive or defensive role regardless of what line they are on, or what their player type is.

Obviously, there would be penalties for assigning too many players to similar roles on a line (or even team wide), as well as penalties for placing players in roles for which their skillset is poorly suited. But I don't like the idea that if I have 3 finesse players on the second line that the game decides one of them has to play as a defensive forward, for example.

Additionally, it should be possible to place players on more than one line (such as when double shifting towards the end of a game), particularly with D pairs. This would allow you to keep a quarterback on the PP on the ice for the entire PP when trailing late, while not also double shifting his (less offensively skilled, and probably lower stamina) defense partner.

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