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Originally Posted by actionjackson View Post
I really should be getting my own thread, but I promise to do so when my game gets going for realsies. I just wanted to compare the first round picks in the draft waaay up thread that I showed pictures for.

Pre-Defined Draft Value turned off:

1. George W Harper RF
2. Carlos Delgado 1B
3. Mickey Mantle RF(?)
4. Jesse Barfield RF
5. Jim Essian C
6. Rico Brogna 1B
7. Dave LaPoint SP
8. David Green CF
9. Buck Martinez C
10. Bill Knickerbocker SS
11. Justin De Fratus RP
12. Mario Soto SP
13. Marty Krug SS
14. Damian Moss SP
15. Damon Mashore LF
16. Frank Viola SP

Pre-Defined Draft Value turned on:

1. Mickey Mantle RF
2. Carlos Delgado 1B
3. Frank Viola SP
4. Jesse Barfield RF
5. Dave LaPoint SP
6. Mario Soto SP
7. Carl Scheib SP
8. Al Holland RP
9. George W Harper RF
10. Dutch Henry SP
11. Mike Mason SP
12. Buck Martinez C
13. Dick Kelley SP
14. Dave Eiland SP
15. Josh D Fields RP
16. Damian Moss SP

The AJ method (non-pre defined DV rank, pre-defined DV rank):

1. Mickey Mantle (3,1)
2. Frank Viola (16,3)
3. Jesse Barfield (4,4)
4. Carlos Delgado (2,2)
5. Mario Soto (12,6)
6. George W Harper (1,9)
7. George Case (29,20)
8. Jim Essian (5,21)
9. Al Holland (19,8)
10. Ossie Vitt (44,17)
11. Claro Duany (Negro Leaguer) (N/A)
12. Dave LaPoint (7,5)
13. Mike Mason (21,11)
14. Lew McCarty (26,30)
15. David Green (8,36)
16. Dick Kelley (20,13)

There's some craaazy variance there. What does everyone think?
Cool beans. Don't ever worry about posting things in this thread. In terms of participation, my favorite thread of all time was the one you started back in the OOTP 16 Historical Forum. It became a place for all of us to share bits and pieces of our leagues.

I stink in terms of keeping one of these threads active as sometimes I just want to play and forget to make updates. Plus, I'm not the best writer and the things I find interesting are often things others probably find blah.
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