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2076 Playoffs (10/13 10/21; or hopefully shorter)

Vancouver Whitecaps @ Los Angeles Lakers
We are 8-9 against the Whitecaps in 2076 – they play us tough. We don’t expect that to change in this series… it will be a dog fight, or, at least, that is our mentality heading into it. There really isn’t much left to be said – this is what we play the game for… the chance to make it to the World Series, and, ultimately win it. Obviously, meeting Vancouver in the divisional round isn’t necessarily ideal for us, as I said – they play us tough – but it is a challenge that we should be up for. After coming so close last year, losing a gut-wrenching Game 7 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the general consensus is that our time is now – unless, of course, you ask anyone outside of our fanbase and organization… if you extended your query outside of these friendly confines the answer would, unanimously, be Philadelphia. And that’s good – we need that, we need to play with that underdog mentality and a chip on our shoulder. If we can’t muster at least that – well, then we never had a chance anyway.

Game 1: Bill Marvin @ Nat Millard
Win, 5-4
. A strong showing here for the La La’s, as we were able to ride a 5-run bottom of the 4th all the way to victory. Nat continues to be serviceable – he’s not been what we thought he would be lately, but he got the job done here – 6.2 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, and 4 K’s four our “Ace”. Kwaku Kwaku, batting 8th in a surprise Game 1 start, went 1 for 3 with a 3-run HR, Otto put one out, Ethan went 2 for 4 with a double, and we got caught stealing twice (yikes… Ethan & Mario’s tires need better tread it seems). Newman struck out the only batter he faced, Barbaccia got into some trouble (he left two on base when we turned the ball over to Rudolf), and Caldwell threw 3 total pitches to earn the final two outs and earned his first postseason save in a Laker's kit.

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Elsewhere… Phoenix took game one over Philadelphia by a score of 7-3 after finally getting to Josiah late in the ballgame… Weber gave up 4 for the game while SP Patrick Keith (PHX) only allows 3 to plate – with two of those coming by way of a monstrous 2-run homer courtesy of Palmer Parker. I expect this series to be a 7-game dog fight, no doubt.

Game 2: Adam Gunter @ Dejuan Burns
Win, 2-0
. A nice, timely shutout to take the commanding 2-0 lead… Dejuan gets it done over 6 innings of work (he allowed three to get across), Austin Rollins went 3 for 4 with 2 RBI and a run, and PEPPER finished at 2 for 4 with a 3-run HOMER in the 5th. Barbaccia flubbed another save, leading to Rudolf having another opportunity to save the day – he notched his second save of the postseason (though this one required 13 pitches – he allows two hits and struck two out). Lonzo Gonzo went 3 for 5 with 2 runs (he also jacked a bag), we left 11 runners stranded (we will need to be better than that in Vancouver BC), and Kwaku went from hero to zero as he committed our first error of the postseason.

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Elsewhere: Phoenix shuts out Philadelphia in game two – Julen Morales (FORMER LAKER) delivered a CG shutout. They’ll take their commanding 2-0 lead back to Phoenix for a couple of games… they got Philly against the ropes here. Jacksonville walked the Chicago Fire off in the bottom of the 13th to take a 1-0 lead in their series – unheralded also-ran, SS Craig Ramis, drove in the winning run (which is undoubtedly the best moment of his life – including the time he married Miss Wisconsin in 2072 (and I say that because they are no longer married – seems he liked Miss Michigan better)) for the Jaguars. And, lastly… the LA Galaxy charged 10 runs to the Carolina Panthers account, winning Game 1 of their series by a score of 10-6. Carolina RP, Al Bundy, gave up 5 late runs in 2-innings of work – he’s a long way from the glory days at Polk Community College. Carolina & Chicago both got revenge in game two, both series are tied 1-1 after the dust settled…

Sidenote: Ian Hanan is looking good for a return. Hopefully, he won’t be rusty, we could use his stick right about now. We won’t start him straight away, or at least I think we won’t – my skipper has a mind of his own at times, so nothing is 100% off the table.

Game 3: Michael Brisk @ Steve Unger
Loss, 3-2
. Ouch. Brisky allowed 2 runs and Barbaccia – Mr. Undependable – allowed the only one that mattered as his malfeasance on the mound gets us walked off in the bottom of the 9th… OK, well, not exactly… see what had happened was he left a guy on base when he handed it off to Rudolf, who promptly shows everyone that, he too, can be terrible at pitching. How do you run the closer by committee playbook when both of your “Closers” can’t get the deal signed – 2nd place is a set of steak knives, 3rd place? YOU’RE FIRED. Also, Lonzo put one out of the park – so, I’ll leave you with something to kind of feel good about.

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Elsewhere… Ruh-roh – Phoenix continues to wreck Philadelphia’s poetic run in the tricentennial season… and are now up 3-0 after securing a 7-4 victory at home.

Game 4: Lee Myers @ Jake Renfer
Win, 5-2
. We are on the cusp, as they say – Lee Myers, Penbrook PA’s favorite son, gave us 7 solid ones and allowed only a single run on 5 total hits and PEPPER continues to shine with a 2 for 4 performance that includes a double, a homer, 3 RBI, and a run… Mullens drove in two, Otto scored, Rollins did too, Marshburn stole a base, and Caldwell, the game two pariah, secured his 3rd save of the postseason (Barbaccia still sucked though – allowing an Arthur Grant home run in the bottom of the 9th… not sure why my Skipper keeps insisting on trotting him out there).

Name:  GM4 Win.PNG
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Elsewhere… Phoenix swept Philly, and I officially hate this game you guys. Chicago shut the Jags out, 6-0, and take a 2-1 lead in their series… the LA Galaxy scored in the top of the 9th and held on for dear life against the Panthers in their 4-3 win to take a 2-1 lead in that series.

Game 5: Nat Millard (1-0, 5.40) @ Bill Marvin (0-1, 5.91)
Win, 5-3
. We did it… but now we must face my old nemesis… the Phoenix Suns. Gut check time is just around the corner. Nat goes 7, finally gets past the 6th here, allowing only 3 to plate and Austin Rollings got us going in the 4th with an RBI and a run in that frame. The old man (he’s only 30, but I see some gray hairs in that goatee) still has it. Lonzo & Ethan steal a bag each, Otto drives one in and scores, Dontrell Gay hit a double (he drove one in on it), and Barbaccia, the place where saves go to die, actually earned a 2-inning save (his 1st of the postseason) on 21 pitches… we’ll need a lot more of this from our $9.5 million-dollar man if he has any hope of not getting traded during the Winter Meetings.

Name:  GM5 Win.PNG
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Elsewhere… Chicago bounced the defending champion Jaguars out of the playoffs, winning their series 4 to 1. With Jacksonville and Philadelphia out of the mix, this thing is now as wide open as it gets… the LA Galaxy, without the services of Heathcote Kinton, managed to get past Carolina in 6 games – fromer Laker, SP Case Tunnell, struck out 7 in the deciding game. Note: Adrian Bae never threw a single pitch for Carolina… adding insult to injury (literally), the Hagerstown Hummers defeated the Nolanville ‘Nauts in 7-games to take home the Bush League Championship. Without him. Let that sink in a minute… OOTP is a cruel, cruel world y’all – and I love it. So – it’s LAG v CHI and LAL v PHX in the League Championship Series…

Series MVP’s… SS Shifty Culp (LAG), SS Joshua Norman (CHI), PEPPER (LAL), and 3B Homer Wingard (PHX) took home the hardware for their efforts.
Be excellent to each other.

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