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2076 Season (10/1 – 10/4)

San Francisco 49ers (74-84, .468, 5th NL West) @ Los Angeles Lakers (94-64, .595, 1st NL West)
The injury bug has stormed through the 49er’s clubhouse like an agent of chaos - in fact, said bug has been busy throughout the Strangeverse all season, robbing us of some of our most interesting talents, not content to allow the cream to simply rise to the top. While injuries are never great, they don’t always have to be bad - at least at the club level, where teams like the 49ers will be getting healthy at nearly the same time, they are drafting some college superstar with a top ten draft pick next year. So, on a club where potential, even if that potential had a likely 2nd round ceiling, has gone unfulfilled taking a run at it in 2077 with a restocked development system becomes a real ‘making lemonade out of lemons’ situation. They’re down now, patiently taking their standing 8-count while their internal infirmary is operating at maximum capacity, and looking forward to the championship rounds, where, in 2077, they may be able to pull this thing off again. That is the message they are putting out into the universe, anyway, the company line - delivered with an undercurrent of frivolity - because even the most hardcore fan knows that this isn’t easy and that you can do almost everything right and still end up wrong. Sometimes you have to take two to give one, and sometimes one of the two you take just knocks you out.

159 of 162: Jerome Tucker (7-16, 4.87) @ Lee Myers (14-7, 4.05)
Note… somewhere along the line, I messed up my game count – wishful thinking, I suppose.
Loss, 3-1. Lee Myers gave up 2 runs over 5 innings of work, and an error by Pepper led to a 3rd. Otto woke up – 2 for 4 with a HR, but it was San Francisco’s SS Tony Zepeda who was the difference-maker – his solo HR in the 3rd put the 49er’s up for good. Mullens also got caught stealing – again – he’s now 0 for 2 in his last two attempts.

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Elsewhere… the Vancouver lost to Minnesota by a score of 1-0, leaving the door slightly ajar for San Diego & Brooklyn.

160 of 162: Kent Miller (1-9, 6.48) @ Newton Weiser (6-6, 4.65)
Win, 3-2
. Weiser gives us 7, allows 2 runs, and K’s 9 in the win & Dom Cooke hit a 3-run homer that would prove to be all we needed to get our first win in our last 5 tries. Otto earned steal #43, we fielded two double plays, and no one committed an error – we’ll take it, something to build off of…

Name:  160 Win.PNG
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Elsewhere… the Chicago Fire & Vancouver Whitecaps secured wild card bids. There is one spot left in the NL (Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, and San Diego are in the hunt) and 4 spots left in the AL where 6 teams still have a shot at it. Sad news out of the Bush League… SP Adrian Bae, fresh off the IL, has been released by the Hagerstown Hummers. Heartless.

161 of 162: Jan Hernandez (7-3, 2.60) @ Dejuan Burns (17-9, 3.55)
Win, 10-1
. Finally, a breakout performance for the La La’s. Dejuan Burns gave us 6 innings of shut out baseball, RF Rajkumar Kosciusko, one of our more solid prospects, went 2 for 4 with a HR and 3 RBI, and Nashty Nash Aguilar, who recently shaved off his mustache, went 1 for 1 with a HR and 2 RBI as a late PH. Pepper also hit one out, Otto stole another bag (Lonzo got caught trying to do the same), and RP Logan Elsinger got a 3-inning, 32 pitch save – it was his first of the year.

Name:  161 Win.PNG
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Elsewhere… The Pittsburgh Steelers secured the final playoff spot in the NL – which means that the San Diego Chargers did not. The tight AL is still up in the air.

162 of 162: Lenard Henos (8-5, 4.42) @ Michael Brisk (17-8, 3.41)
Win, 4-3
. We end the 2076 campaign on a 3-game winning streak – nice. Brisky’s final regular-season effort is a good one – 7 innings, 5 hits, 1 earned, and 6 K’s. Barbaccia picked up his 28th save, Otto finishes the season at 37 homers, and we manage to complete two double plays. A couple of small areas of concern – Ash got the hold here but gave up a run (solo blast), and Barbaccia’s save included a solo HR against him. We’ll need them to tighten it up.

Name:  162 Win.PNG
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Elsewhere… the LA Galaxy won the AL West with an 83-79 record… the New York Jets clinched a Wild Card berth – nice to see Hamza in the postseason, and the Seattle Sounders won a play-in game against the Toronto Reds BC for the last playoff spot in the AL by a score of 13-5. Frodo Gonzalez, rookie extraordinaire, went 3 for 6 with a double, 3 RBI, and 3 runs for the game. And, lastly – Michael Brisk & Dejuan Burns tied for the National League lead in wins for 2076 at 18 each. Cliff Slavinski, of the New York Jets, won 19 in the American League.

The 2076 playoff bracket is attached below… a couple of notes… we will either face Phoenix or Philadelphia (if we face either) but cannot face both – lucky. We finished 5-2 against Montreal in the regular season – we like that matchup – and finished 8-9 against the Whitecaps, we would rather not see them if possible. The smart money is on a Jacksonville-Philadelphia World Series, with Philly taking the crown – let’s see if we can win one for the dreamers.
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