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2076 Season (9/22 – 9/24)

Minnesota Timberwolves (69-80, .463, 5th NL West) @ Los Angeles Lakers (91-59, .607, 1st NL West)
After our last meeting, a disastrous 2-1 series loss in Minneapolis, we fell to 9-4 in H2H matchups this year – we still own these guys, sure, but our domination of them is less thorough than it once was. The truth is – Minnesota is a tough team to beat, a team that is getting better incrementally each time out, and, if styles make fights, as they say, their style is built to give us fits. Not unlike the Phoenix Suns, we have a hard time getting comfortable against these guys, and while we have won 9 of our 13 contests – many were hard-fought games that could have went either way. Shawna has laid the foundation, the interior is starting to take shape, the floor plan looks well designed, and it’s getting close to the step where she and her brain trust start filling its shelves and bringing this thing to life. At 20th in Payroll and 4th in merchandise sales – the Timberwolves are flush with enough cash to make a splash in the free agency pool – not a cannonball, mind you, but a splash nonetheless. If they don’t – they may find that the goodwill paid to them by their hometown fans will come due and that it will require a lot more than novelty to stay current on the rent due to occupy a small space in their sports fan heart.

152 of 162: Braylen Shively (5-9, 5.14) @ Dejuan Burns (16-8, 3.45)
Win, 10-2
. It’s a new day rising – Dejuan goes the distance, allows only 2 to plate, and 1B Austin Rollins hits two bombs and scores three times. 2-RBI for Ethan & Newman, Rajkumar gets an RBI double and scores, Otto scored & didn’t strike out, we’d get a couple of steals, and 3 double plays – on a partly cloudy evening where the wind was blowing out to right at 8 MPH, the star-studded La La’s brought their own sunshine and aimed it right into the eye’s of Shawna’s T’Wolves. Round 1 goes to the good guys.

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Elsewhere… the Philadelphia 76ers officially claimed the NL East Division Championship, it’s their 15th divisional crown… LF Richard Beverage went 4 for 4 with an RBI and 3 runs in the Salem Silverbacks 11-6 game 1 victory over the San Jose Sharks – here’s a guy who I didn’t know existed with a name that makes me laugh (oh the possibilities), unfortunately, his potential tops out at 33, which usually means he might be good for a season or two in the bigs before taking his talents to the Bush League…

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153 of 162: Adrian Hollyfield (5-6, 6.56) @ Michael Brisk (16-7, 3.50)
Win, 2-1
. We’d score two in the bottom of the 1st and then hold on for dear life in this one – Brisky looked good gave up one earned & K’d 8, Barbaccia gets his 26th save, and Ethan completes an OF assist & swipes a bag. This one clocked in at a crisp 2:26 – so, even though it was boring, we didn’t keep the fans around long enough for too many of them to fall asleep.

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154 of 162: Gregory Highman (7-16, 4.85) @ Nat Millard (15-6, 2.81)
Loss, 12-4
. So, maybe there was more to Nat’s nagging injury than we thought – he didn’t even make it out of the top of the 1st in this one as he gave up 6 runs on 40 pitches before handing it off to the pen… this game was not amongst our finest moments – 4 errors, a passed ball, and all-around poor effort from the club today. But, let’s give credit where credit is due… the club from Minnesota decided that it wasn’t funny anymore, walked up to the plate in the top of the 1st and smacked us in the mouth – leaving us confused and off-balance for the remainder of the game. Unlike last night, this one lasted 3 ½ hours – not that it matters, though, as most of our fans left after the 4th inning. Los Angelinos have no love for a loser. Had they stayed, they would’ve seen Otto put two out of the park – but, whatever, I doubt any of the jaded wannabe movie stars that make up our usual crowd would’ve cared anyway.

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Elsewhere… the Hagerstown Hummers have officially earned a bid into the Bush League Playoffs – let’s hope they go far enough for us to see Postseason Bae. And, up next for the La La’s is a visit from the Suns, who are 4-6 in their last 10 and without Gerhold – we currently have an 8-game lead on the snakebit club from Arizona, and given their continued injury problems, we don’t expect that to change much.
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