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I updated what i have and what stuff i have collected from the community.
I am adding my 1871-1872 seasons so you can get a better idea of the process i use. I think i will add more seasons as i am up to 1981 but im holding back because it takes time to add each season and i may want to start a league history thread and i dont want to spoil the ending.
The transaction spreadsheet is still a work in progress and contains player moves, manager moves as well as owners.
I try to use real dates but in some case i had to estimate a date.
I thought about checking player positions on the rosters but right now i haven't had the time. I'm not sure if its possible as there weren't as many players back then and a lot of them played several positions anyway.
Its still some manual work to start in 1871 but maybe this will give you some ideas and help get you started.
Feel free to use anything you may find useful but keep in mind a lot of it is still a work in progress.
If you have any suggestions or can add anything let me know.
I havent used drop box that much but heres the link.

Let me know if it doesnt work.
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