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The Frogs continue to show up at win totals the Washington LyinCheatin Senators have been at several weeks earlier. lol. My Frogs aren't exactly having a bad year (82-46) and have a 12.5 game lead for the top wild card spot.

I feel like I've been trained like a dog expecting a treat when it comes to challenge mode packs. I'm at the point where a light goes off in my head and I check to see when I got the last one, and sure enough it's been almost exactly 72 hours...Got a gold pack tonight after only 2 [in-game] weeks of simming with the '27 Yanks. Pulled a diamond Keston Hiura as well as 1000 PP worth of LIVE Yuli Gurriel quicksell. Nothing great, but win, win, win all the same.

Sold my LIVE Mike Trout for 50K earlier today and also cleared some auctions on SE cards that I thought I'd hold onto, but with likely no SE-only tournaments, will probably never use. Sitting on six figures of PP at the moment and torn between (1) a la carte additions via the auction house (2) doing another pack-apocalypse or (3) putting that toward a mission collection to get one of Smoltz/Vida Blue/SUPER I-ROD. I'm leaning toward (1) because my needs are pretty well defined (move on from gold Eck and add a snazzy infielder such as diamond Wizard of Oz), but hesitant to get myself mired in the whole non-MINT thing again like with Wee Willie Keeler. So, if anyone has elite, MINT cards they'd like to put on the AH for practically no PP, I'm willing to accommodate you.
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