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Originally Posted by Ty Cobb View Post
Storylines are something that help keep us focused on the fact that these are supposed to be real people with lives of their own, and we're just their mythological boss. It enriches the game.

Keep 'em! Expand 'em!
Yes to this!
(Especially the expand them part. I would also love to see more storylines where you as a GM/Manager- if you play the game that way- have to make a decision. Interactive storylines add to the fun.)

I do think though that the fact that I pretty much exclusively play fictional these days is a factor in my opinion here. Storylines can be a bit odd for historical players and in many cases we already have stories in our heads about those players and don't require the extra flavor.
But in my fictional league I can't imagine playing without storylines (even if they did cost me one of my favorite relief pitching prospects when he decided to join the NFL on the verge of developing into a big league bullpen force. )
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