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The Frogs are trundling along at 64-35 in P436. Far, far behind pappyzan's Cheaters (81-17) who are currently on a 21-game winning streak. But, I definitely think the Frogs might be the 2nd best team in the conference. It'll take a pretty heavy dose of RNG to prevent anything but a Washington LyinCheatin Senator vs New Orleans Brees matchup in the final series.

Ed Walsh is the latest addition to the Frogs after cleaning out the rest of the South Side missions. I'm not sure whether to keep him or sell him and get 2-3 stud players with the proceeds....have to think some more on it.

The Frogs are 2nd in the conference in most offensive categories except HR (11th) where we're always bottom half. Pitching performance has also been mostly 2nd/3rd-ish in the conference with starter's ERA (5th) a bit inflated. That might improve after a half-season of Ed freaking Walsh.

Roster moves have been minimal this week. Other than inserting Ed Walsh, I brought SE Lenny Dykstra back to give me a Dykstra-Maddox-Ichiro legion of defensive boom in the outfield. But, Lenny continues to hit like crap for me...I wish I knew how chazzycat got Lenny to perform.

George Sisler is doing what George Sisler does--mash. Sisler's slashing .318/.354/.532 while he leads the team in homers (13). He also has 16 stolen bases. Johnny Pesky is taking a run at the batting title (.341) and currently has a 5-point edge over Washington's SUPER ICHIRO.
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