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ASB Updates

Austin Express 69-28 1st P445

Offense started out blowing a little cold, but the "Dream Team" rotation has been excellent. Cy Young has had an epic first half and at the break has a 1.21 ERA. Bats started picking up in May, and that's when we started pulling ahead in the AC Central from the Elk Grove Thundering Herd. No close races in the AC, in the East the Cracktown Drug Mules are 83-15 and appear determined to add their second PL title to their trophy case. The I-80 Defenders in the west are 65-23, and are 22 games ahead of the second place team. In fact my 13 game lead is the smallest in the AC.

Love seeing DaBears in the NC East, because that's a heck of a Cub theme team, and has pushed me towards improving my Cub theme team. Those guys are running in first place, but the entire NC is chasing the Orlando Calrissians who are 79-16.

All Stars:

Eppa Rixey 12-4 2.66 4.1 WAR
Cy Young 14-1 1.21 6.6 WAR
Ed Walsh 11-5 2.29 4.7 WAR
Willie Keeler .342/9/51 1.9 WAR
Vlad Guerrero Jr. .308/19/75 2.7 WAR

Notable Exception:
Willie Mays

Tombstone Glory 52-45 1st G335

And odd season in G335. Typically my Cub themed team does pretty well at bat, but this year the offense is near the bottom of the league in most offensive categories, but my team ERA is second in the league with a 4.02 overall. High offense, but I'm struggling to participate in that fun. We won't mention that Ron Santo is leading the league in errors at 3B, Javier Baez is a SS (may shift him to a utility role for the rest of the year, and let Don Kessinger play more at SS.)

Every division has great races, nobody is more than 5 games out in front in any division, so we do have some parity going on. Odd note? I'm 35-36 against righty's, and 17-9 against lefty's. Bring on the lefties in the second half please!

All Stars:

Mark Prior 11-3 2.86 4.6 WAR
Bob Rush 1-2 2.28 1.6 WAR (No SV or Hold...)
Ron Santo .275/11/54 2.3 WAR
Javier Baez .265/13/45 1.7 WAR

Notable Exception:
Heine Zimmerman: .275/18/62 1.8 WAR 18 SB

Dallas Renegades 73-26 1st P405-Wife's Team

Everything is coming up roses this year for the wife. Last year she won 104, was the 3rd best team in her division, and lost 1-0 in 14 in the WC game. She figured that her rotation was the weakness, and set out to improve it enough so that she could keep up the big offense, with just enough pitching, she did more than that. She is fighting the Hauge Hustlers in the AC who are 70-25 for the best record in the AC. Over in the NC, the DDingu Eagles are 75-23.


Pete Alexander 11-2 2.96 4.9 WAR (0 HR in 128 IP)
Carl Hubbell 10-4 3.24 3.7 WAR
Curt Schilling 8-1 1.75 3.6 WAR (only 12 starts, early acquisition)
Tom Seaver 11-3 2.44 3.5 WAR
Mickey Mantle .333/15/53 4.2 WAR
George Sisler .305/20/74 2.7 WAR (35 SB)
Willie Mays .299/15/66 4.3 WAR
Joe DiMaggio .316/14/78 2.5 WAR


Not a one

Her team is looking incredibly strong, and has played well all year long.

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