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The Raccoons are having a ho-hum season in a way, but their record makes it look like they're doing very well. But look at that division we're in. All teams are under .400! The AC is the toughest conference, but we got the benefit of having only weak teams in our division. We're only barely over .500 against the strongest teams. Also, we're 10-0 in extra innings games which is odd so some nice luck there. Another oddity is our home vs road record. We're still using a hitters park (I thought I had changed to a neutral park a few seasons back, but later discovered the changes didn't stick). There's no reason I can see for the difference since in past seasons our home and away records have usually been close to the same, but this year we're 37-9 .804 at home and 24-17 .585 on the road.

I made 2 significant upgrades recently. I upgraded from 94 Mays to 100 Mays at the end of last season and he's been great this year so far (an MVP candidate at the moment along with Frank Robinson). I then upgraded my 94 Ruth to the 100 Ruth a couple of months into this season and he's contributing nicely as well, though his HR pace is a bit low at the moment. I've been watching the prices on 100 Eck and 100 Lee Smith fall so I'm considering making one of them my next upgrade though I'm not sure if it's really necessary (we have a bullpen ERA of 2.00 and they're doing well overall). I'm also consider adding SE Ichiro. In the whale league (~15 teams were whales), this Ichiro did very well for several different teams so that's a good sign he should do well in just about any league.
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