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I finally thought of something to add to this list. Previously I just thought that I never stopped using any feature... if anything I just found more features to use.

The thing that I am definitely limiting my use on in the future is the coaching system. Not that I don't like having personnel, I think it's nice flavour. It just takes way too much time finding the best coaches that have both good relationships with the players (manager/bench coach), and effective ratings (everyone). It looks like in previous OOTP versions you could see the ratings, but now they're hidden (except trainer/scout). So I download the Excel files and browse through them which takes even more time.

So I'll compromise: use the coaching system when I'm doing a historical re-calc for flavour, but don't use the coaching system when I'm doing modern day, fictional, or historical with the development engine.

Does anyone know if the trainer role gets eliminated if you don't use the coaching system? Injuries are equalized across the league based on player proneness alone? Guess I'd have more injuries, but oh well.
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