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The Froggies are 37-16 with a 9 1/2 game lead. Perfect Kaz isn't even the closer, but he's 4-0 with a 1.29 ERA and 26 Ks in 21 IP in a setup role. I didn't have the heart to demote J.J. Putz, and that was a wise move, as he's 2-0 with 12 saves. 28 Ks and a sterling 0.35 ERA!

I always knew the Sydney Unicorns were too good for Silver. Well, turns out they may also be too good for Gold - two months in, and they're 34-22 with a 2 1/2 game lead - and this was with a 10-game losing streak mixed in! The ship is righted and they're on their way again. Oh, and my son is also sitting on a 43,000+ PP war chest for future upgrades.

The Amarillo Gold Sox stumbled in May, but are only 1/2 game back at 32-22. Meanwhile, the pack-only Charlotte Monarchs have gone from flirting with relegation all last season to division leaders at 32-23 this season, with essentially the same roster since this week's packs were a big basket of nothin'.

Finally, the Thetford Mines Mineurs at 35-21 and have a 4 game lead. Vladimir Guerrero (Sr.) had a 13-game RBI streak, good for 3000 PP!!! His career high in RBI is 117, set in 2040. Through 48 games, he has 55. So nearly halfway there already.

The Mineurs are currently playing a team called the Perfect Team Perfect Teamers. How do you compete against that?!?*

All my other teams are, at best, mediocre. At worst, they are in the relegation zone. It is a definite feast-or-famine season so far.

* Pretty well, actually. We just beat them, 11-2
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