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So this week, Myles (Braves) dropped out of Diamond and back into gold, where it's going neck to neck with Gashouse for a division lead.
Smoltzy is pitching like Perfect Smoltzy should pitch.

In PL news, the Teatotallers, having picked up 94 Sisler at the end of last week from missions, is watching the 1bman shred PL to a tune of a .384 avg. leading the team to 10 games over .500 this morning and a 4 game lead. All while for the first time ever, Gold Ichiro got off to a slow start at a .265 avg at the top of the order. But by the end of Tuesday, he'd raised his avg to .300.
I moved Smokey Burgess to reserve to make room for Sisler, having tried Sam Rice/Burgess at 1b for awhile to no avail. Sisler has been a perfect fit for the team so far, as def eff is now back in the top 10 to go with a league leading team avg.

We'll see if the solid start to pitching this week holds up for the rest of the week to carry us into the playoffs.

I'm also working on the Twins/Senators missions, thinking that Santana would make a great addition to the team.

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