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Originally Posted by Matt Arnold View Post
There appears to be an issue in some cases loading save files with games in progress. If you delete your games_in_progress.dat file prior to loading, it should resume. However do note that if you do that, there is a chance that you may experience some issues with the games that were in progress. There may not be an issue, but there's a chance that either games that were in progress will resume from the beginning, but with a score already in place, or that players who have played or pitched in the game will not have their fatigue reset, or that player stats from the previous time of the game may already be tracked in player stats, and thus end up counting a potential game in progress.

You may not have issues there, or may feel they're a minor concern, in which case as I said you should be able to simply delete the file and load up your game. If those are a problem, then you can try restoring from the auto-save or a backup.
I deleted the games in progress folder and the save works perfectly. Thanks so much!
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