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2076 Season (7/24 8/2)

7/24 – 7/26
Los Angeles Lakers (58-37, .611, 1st NL West) @ Vancouver Whitecaps (45-52, .464, 5th NL West)

Last time we encountered the Vancouver Whitecaps, in our park, we swept them – an unmerciful display from the Mighty La La’s before we started to underperform in July. Mired in a sort of prolonged rebuilding phase, the Whitecaps have not really taken the step forward you would expect from a club 4-years into that process. If anything, they’ve gone backward – a good young core that are now past due coupled with an aging group of vets that are declining faster than expected yields mixed to poor results. At 10th in OPS, bWAR, and wOBA their offense is middling and at 11th in Bullpen ERA, FIP, and pWAR their pitching is far from top-notch – but, even still, they have their bright spots… LF Arthur Grant has hit 17 out, 1B Monte Loftus is batting .319, and Ace Bill Marvin boasts a 2.98 ERA. Owner TJ Torres is seemingly trading on his market size and good fan loyalty as he is way under budget on his player payroll while he continuously claims that his main desire is to build a winning ballclub. That his words haven’t matched his actions is something the Whitecaps faithful will have to parse out on their own – we’re good with it… always nice to have a division rival who doesn’t seem to have the baseball acumen required to build a winner.

96 of 162: Lee Myers (8-4, 3.50) @ Bill Marvin (5-5, 2.98)
Win, 7-5.
An Otto grand slam steals the show as we overcome Vancouver’s 3 HRs with two of our own. Myers gives up 4 in 5 innings, and Rudolph picks up save #16.

Elsewhere: Donny Jeter was traded to Golden State along with LHP Hayden Snodgrass for SP Jeronimo Tucker of the 49ers. This will be Donny’s second stop in the bay area – semi-interesting given that he elected to sign with SF instead of GS during the offseason. While not completely nonsensical, I can’t see how this trade makes much sense for either club. Hayden Snodgrass projects to be a better than average Closer someday, so he’s the low-key prize here. Also, Palmer Parker went 3 for 4 with a HR, 5 RBI, and 3 runs in Philly’s 10-4 over their in-state rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

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97 of 162: Dejuan Burns (8-7, 3.74) @ Jake Renfer (8-8, 4.44)
Win, 4-2.
Renfer is good, but Burns is one earned run better, and Ian Hanan hits one out late to give us all the cushion we’d need.

98 of 162: Michael Brisk (10-6, 3.55) @ Jack Souris (6-7, 4.65)
Loss, 5-4
. Second verse, not quite the same as the first for Brisky who was unable to secure the sweep for us as he did the last time he faced BC… Rollins gets 2 RBI, HR #11 for Pepper, and 4 errors for the club (Hanan, Lonzo Gonzo, Williams, and Marshburn).

We’ve moved up to 2nd in the Weekly Power Ranking – that’s suspect, but we’ll take it… interestingly Phoenix is #3 and after going 8-2 over their last 10 find themselves only 5 games off the pace. Coincidentally, PHX SS Ray Gerhold has taken the league lead in WAR over Heathcote Kinton (LAG) – both are strong MVP candidates this season. Seattle has taken the lead in the AL West (1 games, but still…) and, along with the Houston Dynamo, have gone 8-2 in their last 10 – the LA Galaxy have gone 4-6 in that stretch and now find themselves in 3rd on the table.

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7/27 – 7/30
Los Angeles Lakers (60-38, .612, 1st NL West) @ San Francisco 49ers (48-50, .490, 3rd NL West)

12 games back at 48-50, San Francisco is still in the Wild Card hunt – but with 7 long-term injuries on the IL, it’s difficult to see a scenario where they will have any of the depth required to do anything with the opportunity. They have the 10th rated offense in the AL – producing a paltry 4.1 R/G and ranked last in XBH with 158 (10 lower than the 11th ranked team) – and, have a 5th ranked staff giving up 4.5 R/G who are 2nd best in HRA. What they are, then, is the sum of their parts and with an IL as sturdy as theirs, they just don’t have the pieces to augment their MLB machine to the degree that anything other than a disappointing campaign is possible.

99 of 162: Newton Weiser (4-1, 3.05) @ Lenard Henos (6-3, 3.56)
Loss, 4-2
. Solid bounce-back performance for Newton even if he did give up 4 runs over 8 innings – he settled in nicely after allowing three to plate in the bottom of the 1st. Outside of Pepper’s HR, we’d not give him much support. Otto scored the other run, stole a bag too.

100 of 162: Nat Millard (9-2, 2.71) @ Landon Sampson (13-3, 2.37)
Win, 6-3
. Pepper goes 3 for 4 with 2 RBI and C Dom Cooke hits a 2-run HR. Millard is serviceable, if not otherworldly, in this one – gets the W though, which we like. Otto struck out 3 times. Ouch.

Elsewhere: LF Burl Ortiz, of the Naperville Nibblers, went 3 for 5 with a GRAND SLAM in their 9-3 win over the Hagerstown Hummers. Burl lasted only a season and a half with the Toronto Reds BC organization before washing out – he signed with Naperville only three days after being released in 2072 and has been a Bush League mainstay ever since with stops in Hagerstown, Columbia, Coney Island, Dearborn, and Sunrise before joining Naperville. He’s hitting .290/12/49 on the year – one of his best BL seasons so far – and delivered in mighty fashion here as Naperville was hosting their Burl’s Burns promotion where the first 5,000 fans received free stick-on sideburns to wear during the game.

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101 of 162: Lee Myers (9-4, 3.63) @ Foster Bantel (3-6, 5.52)
Loss, 6-3
. Ash Newman makes his debut in relief – 2 innings, no runs, 2 K’s. Backup C leads with 2 RBI’s, Otto 0 for 4 with 2 K’s.

102 of 162: Dejuan Burns (9-7, 3.66) @ Alex Gillentine (2-9, 5.14)
Win, 11-1
. A much-needed offensive explosion for the La La’s – haven’t seen much of this for a while. Lonzo Gonzo hit a GRAND SLAM in the top of the 3rd and Joshua Newman goes 3 for 4 with a run. Burns gives us 8.1, 7 K’s and only 1 earned. 3 SB’s in this one – Otto, Lonzo, and Newman.

We’ll have to settle for the split in San Francisco, but at least are boarding our long flight to NY coming off a dominating win to close out the 4-game series. We’re #1 in Starters ERA now – not that the improvement there has translated to a lot of extra wins, but, if the offense can carry this last one forward, we could be primed to go on a little bit of a run. Elsewhere: 1B Oh Hong, of the CITY OF COMPTON Raiders, went 4 for 4 with a double, 2 RBI, and 2 runs in our 10-4 win over the visiting Mexico City Diablos. Hong came to us as part of the Lee Myers for Case Tunnell trade and has been developing quite nicely in Compton – at his current rate, we’ll have a decision to make soon on what we do with Austin Rollins / Ian Hanan. Maybe. We’ll see – it’s too soon to tell. But – in my mind – he could be the guy we slot in at that position as soon as 2077/78.

Name:  Hong.PNG
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7/31 – 8/2
Los Angeles Lakers (62-40, .608, 1st NL West) @ New York Jets (49-53, .480, 6th AL East)

The Jets play in the very tough AL East, where 4 teams are playing above .500 ball and very much in the hunt. New York is an offensive powerhouse – ranked 2nd overall in the AL and 1st in RS, OBP, OPS, wOBA, and Home Runs – but their pitching is in shambles – ranked dead last with some of their best reduced to idling their time on the IL. It’s just one of those things – luck… some teams have it in spades while others have none at all. The New York Jets are fully in the “none at all camp” in 2076.

103 of 162: Michael Brisk (10-6, 3.58) @ Nell Edwards (5-6, 6.87)
Loss, 10-8
. Walked off in the bottom of the 9th after a long 5-hour flight. Is normal, nothing to see here. Lonzo Gonzo shook off the jet lag to go 4 for 4 with an RBI and 2 runs, Otto finished 3 for 5 with a couple of runs, and Pepper drove in 3. In the end, Matt Olson ruins it by allowing two in the bottom of the 9th after our guys scored two in the top of the frame to knot it up. This one stings a bit.

Elsewhere: 1B Oh Hong was at it again… 3 for 3 with 2 jacks, 3 RBIs and 2 runs in Compton’s 7-4 win against the visiting Nashville Pickers. Your boy is tearing it up right now, making his case…

104 of 162: Newton Weiser (4-2, 3.28) @ Cliff Slavinski (10-7, 3.92)
Loss, 12-3
. Weiser picks up his 3rd loss in a row – the kid is in a tailspin and his ERA balloons to 4.25 after this ****-show. Hanan goes 4 for 4 with an RBI against his old club, Rollins puts one out, Marshburn gets caught trying to swipe second.

105 of 162: Nat Millard (10-2, 2.80) @ Kevin Hothan (7-6, 5.36)
Win, 6-2
. Millard – still serviceable, still not spectacular – gets his 11th W, Dom hits a double and a HR, adds 4 RBI, and Lonzo Gonzo drives one in and scores one to help us avoid the sweep. More bags added to our collection – we get two tonight, one each for Lonzo and Newman.

Elsewhere in the Ballad of Adrian Bae: I should just break my rule and pick this guy up already, but I won’t – because rules are rules… he went 4 innings, struck out SEVEN, allowed 3 hits and NO RUNS. Nice start for Bae – unfortunately, however, the Hummers couldn’t be bothered to match the effort put forth by the Dearborn Dilly’s and lost by a score of 2 to 1.

Ahh… 5 and 5 on our 10-game road trip… somehow still 2nd in the Weekly Rankings though – top 5 are Philly, La La’s, Jax, Seattle, and Phoenix… after that? Who cares, a bunch of scrubs, you ask me. The offense ranked 5th now, Pitching improves to 3rd in the NL. Ethan returns in about a week, Barbaccia eligible to return in a couple of weeks – that’s good news. Our form concerns me, especially given that we are heading into August now – we’ll need to course-correct and put a run together because, at the rate we are going, we will find ourselves on the outside looking in if we end up facing Philly in the LCS.
Be excellent to each other.

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