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2076 Season (7/24)

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2B Max Rodabaugh had a good collegiate career with the Virginia Cavaliers – good enough that, in 2069, we spent our 4th round pick on him (97th overall). He’d spend 2 seasons in Compton where he never really stood out and eventually was called up to the big club for a cup of coffee. He appeared in just 5 games for the La La’s in 2072, taking 8 AB, earning 2 hits with a triple, and striking out 4 times. It was the last we’d see of him in Los Angeles – potential unfulfilled, usefulness expired – before he turned to the Bush League for employment. His best season came in a Hagerstown kit, in 2074, when he hit .281 with 33 RBI’s in 82 games. He’s since spent seasons in Quincy and, now, Coney Island where he works as a slightly overpaid part-time player performing at barely above replacement levels. He has his moments, sure, he went 3 for 4 with a HR, 3 RBI, and 3 Runs in a 14-3 Footlongs win over the Hagerstown Hummers last night and recently opened his second White Castle franchise in Bedstuy, NY. He is the prototypical interesting player that this verse produces – those guys that are on the fence who could go either way – a slick-fielding, hard-working, intelligent guy who can wreck the basepaths but can’t hit a lick.

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At 37-years young, SP Landen Clark is tapping into whatever baseball talent he has left – this game will have to kick him to the curb, he won’t leave it on his own account. Clark is another former Virginia Cavalier, albeit one who managed to have a respectable career in the bigs even if he spent much of that time as a career journeyman – he’s made stops in Houston, Jacksonville, Montreal, Los Angeles (Galaxy), San Francisco, St. Louis, and Toronto (in addition to spending considerable time with each team's AAA club)… he’s seen a million faces, and rocked a couple, here & there. We are now at the part of his journey where he steals as much backend baseball cash as he can in the Bush League, earning pay from Quincy, Naperville, and Decatur before landing in Beaumont for the 2076 campaign. Where he has gone 3-6, with a 5.60 ERA. He finished his MLB career (I think) with a 3.5 WAR and has amassed a 10.8 WAR during his BL tenure. Recently, like last night, he put together his best start of the season – 7.1 innings with 2 hits, 0 earned, and 6 K’s – he’s not done yet it seems…

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SP Ash Newman has had a tough run – he’s spent the majority of the 2076 campaign bouncing back-and-forth between the Tucson Arrowheads and their parent club, the Phoenix Suns, while he attempts to regain the wicked movement he had earlier in his career. In his last IL appearance, he pitched a complete-game shutout in Hartford as the Arrowheads topped the Whalers by a score of 3-0. His is a real Dr. Jeckyll / Mr. Hyde scenario – in IL play he is 10-2 with a 3.34 ERA and is second in K/9 at 10.7 (these are great numbers), but, in MLB play he’s gone a tepid 1-2 with a 7.58 ERA with the main culprit being that he’s giving up bombs on the regular (1.9 HR/9). I like Ash – I think he’d fill out a Compton Raiders Kit quite nicely, if it comes to that, and that, with a little bit of work with my world-class training department (well, they are slightly above average), could find himself getting some starts on the big club in September after proving himself in the pen. So, I did what any respectable GM would do – I traded for him. That the Suns took a so-so 3B prospect (Dylan De La Rosa – an Intl scouting discovery of ours out of the DR) for him feels a little bit like robbery, but, whatever – I have no love for Phoenix.
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