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2076 Season (7/17 7/19)

But first… the National League dominated the American League, winning the all-star game by a score of 9-3. Otto won the MVP award with a 2 for 4 performance that included a double, 2 RBI, a run, and a walk. So, the leading vote-getter wins the MVP – pretty nifty. And another thing: Jacksonville is working the phones something fierce… they’ve managed to lift Mustafa Boltz off the Golden State Warriors for a low-key blue-chipper (RP Cameron Bennett) and some minor league filler – OOTP likely wants them to win another championship (OK, I know that’s not accurate – but their sudden high-level trading acumen is suspect). And, that’s not all… SS Donny Jeter of the San Francisco 49ers went 5 for 5 with 2 runs and 2 RBI in their 8-6 win in Brooklyn – 38-years young and still running this ****.

Orlando City (44-44, .500, 4th NL East) @ Los Angeles Lakers (55-34, .618, 1st NL West)
The representative from Florida now has the floor… Orlando is average – milquetoast, even – ranked no better than 5th anywhere. They have the 6th ranked Starting Staff with Nacho at the helm (6-4 record, 3.21 ERA, and an IDGAF attitude) and the 7th ranked offense led by 33-year old LF Otis Murray – his .324/6/40 line and prankster personality helps keep the clubhouse loose – they’re putting together a campaign that should have them missing their second straight postseason. So, they might beat us in this series – we’ve been in bad form lately (and of questionable fitness) – but, it’s safe to say that they won’t be adding a 4th championship to their all-time tally this season.

90 of 162: Nacho Valadez (6-4, 3.21) @ Nat Millard (7-2, 2.91)
Win, 8-2
. Nacho was fierce, giving up only a single run over 8 hard-scrabble innings of work & Nat was pretty good too – he gave us 7.1 with only 2-hits and no runs before handing it off to the pen. Caldwell got his 13th save, Otto stole two bags and scored on a Pepper single that brought him all the way home for 2nd. Otis hit a double – so City had that going for them – and they did turn three DP’s, but it was all for naught as they lost, and we didn’t.

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Elsewhere: Backup right-fielder Willi Heinze, the man with no eyebrows, went 2 for 4 with two homers, 4 RBI, 2 runs, and a walk for Phoenix in their 12-0 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 34-year old Austrian was recently acquired from the Columbia Blowfish of the Bush League and has started 38 games for Phoenix as they navigate injuries to some of their core outfielders. He hit two grand slams against the Huntington Beach Bombers in back-to-back games for the Tuscon Arrowheads before being called up to the big club in May. Not sure how well the fair-skinned Sankt Polten native is handling the Phoenix heat… I mean, he’s hitting .324 with 5 homers, so, he might be good with it. Not to be outdone – 1B Travis Jackson, of the Decatur Donnybrooks, hit 3 homers and drove in 7 in Decatur’s 14-7 win over the Dearborn Dilly’s in Bush League play – who knows, maybe an MLB club will come calling for him too.

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91 of 162: Vicente De La Cruz (7-3, 5.07) @ Lee Myers (8-4, 3.63)
Loss, 3-2
. Orlando scores two late – top of the 8th – to grab the win in the second game of our 3-game set. Myers is solid – 7IP/5H/1ER/2BB/8K – but RP Jonny Garcia blows it for us by giving up 3 hits and 2 runs over 2 innings of “work”. Otto went 2 for 4 with a run – everyone else’s effort isn’t worth talking about.

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92 of 162: Cathal Magill (4-5, 3.30) @ Dejuan Burns (8-7, 3.74)
Win, 6-3
. Some nice get back for the La La’s here with Dejuan giving us a strong, quality start and Lonzo Gonzo finishing the set on a 3 for 5 performance where hit hits another double and scored twice. Newman, who we haven’t seen much of value out of for a while, went 3 for 4 with a run and Larry Williams managed to plate twice – good all-around effort here as we get 3 doubles, a triple (OTTO), three stolen bases (Otto is up to 28 & Lonzo is up to 18), and turned a stellar Kwaku-Williams-Hanan double-play that should make the evening news.

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Elsewhere: Former Laker, current Brooklyn Citizen (who coincidentally are headed to town next), Ruben Zarate went 3 for 4 with a double, TWO HOMERS, 4 RBI, and 2 runs in Brooklyn’s 7-6 win over the 49ers – so, yeah, he was pretty much the whole show for the citizens. Happy to see him doing well, but I’ll be even happier if he got all that out of his system before paying us a visit… Zarate also took player of the week honors, so maybe this is just a preview of things to come for us. He sure looks happy in BRK…

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