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October 2054

Money, money, money
The club’s financial position is fairly healthy; Huang set a payroll budget of $200m for the current season, which puts the Eagles slightly below the SCL average. But there is a worrying pressure on that budget considering the team finished 73-89. Payroll spend this season has been $178m. With arbitration rises due for next year, Huang is unwilling to commit any money for free agents at present. There are 12 players due to leave to free agency next month which will open up $30m of payroll - although that will also open up a number of roster holes which will need to be filled.

My assessment is that the roster is in poor shape and I can see why the team finished where it did. There are some very good players on the roster but on hefty contracts eating up too much payroll. Defensively the lineup is weak. The active roster has three first basemen despite us having an exciting and majors-ready prospect in the same position. The 25-man has no left-handed pitchers. So there is a lot of work to do to create a team that will contend, but there is a silver lining: we have a number of good prospects in the farm system and in June will add at least one more thanks to our high draft first round pick
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