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This is a sequel to my previous State Capitals League dynasty report, “The Magpies”. The SCL is a fictional league in MLB Manager 2017. I created the league and simmed nearly 30 years to build some history. I then took over the reins at Des Moines, and my time there formed the basis of the previous report. “The Magpies” also documents the origins and early years of the SCL.

“The Magpies” ended in late 2053 with Billy DePodesta’s sudden resignation after winning back-to-back SCL titles. After a further year of simming to fast forward the 2054 season, I have now engaged the ‘Manage Different Team’ option and have taken over as GM of the Richmond Eagles, which will be the subject of this dynasty report. Well, I hope I becomes a dynasty, anyway. Like last time I’ll be playing the game on mostly the default MLBM 2017 settings, although I’ve set both leagues to use the DH. Player ratings are on the 1-10 scale option, with overall/potential rating as stars. The AI’s trading preference is neutral.

I play the game as a sort of “hands-on GM”. I control roster moves, lineups and team strategy, including setting the lineup to start each game. But then I sim my team’s games inning by inning, letting the AI make the in-game decisions about pitching changes and so on. Occasionally I’ll intervene to shuffle the fielding alignment if the AI makes what I consider to be a daft decision following a substitution.

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different dynasty report styles in the past, and will be trying something new for me here. I won’t be doing game by game or week by week posts; instead I’ll report back on our performances for each calendar month. Previous readers may recall that I play the game mainly on my train commute to work. This means that I don’t play it everyday necessarily, and as such there could sometimes be fairly lengthy gaps between monthly report posts appearing depending on my progress and my work commitments - for that I apologise in advance. When they arrive they’ll usually be fairly lengthy.

I hope some of you read this and enjoy it. Please do feel free to comment as we go along!
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