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Originally Posted by linguas.amo View Post
So, I finished my first season and I am at 1/1/1872. The Rockford Forest Citys and Fort Wayne Kekiongas should have folded and I cannot take temporary command. Their players are still signed with these teams and I cannot release them from their contracts manually. I am not sure what to do here. I am sorry I have so many questions, btw.
Has your game been updated since you started the league? If so remember that ootp updates will overwrite that teams file and you will need to copy the edited one back.

You can always tell if it is the original game teams file as it will have all modern abbreviations for the franchise ids.

Also make sure the
Franchise and team is are correct under the teams setting within the game.

The reason you can't take control of either team may be that you may not be set as commish of the league.

I always create one manager as a commish.
Hope that helps.
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