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Originally Posted by linguas.amo View Post
In your transcations, you have both Bill Lennon and Lip Pike losing their jobs. The former on 7/21 1871 and the latter on 5/23/1871. Do I have to suspend them or does the story play out naturally? And I wanted to compare the historical stats with the in-game stats but didn't know how I could go about that.
My transactions are more of a cheat sheet to keep track of player movement. Rather than having to look it up.
You do have to make the movements manually. There is no automatic movement of players in historical 19th century leagues that i am aware of.

Some transactions are for owners and historical managers.
You will have to create them. I just use historical managers in name only.
If you do create them and use the real player movement then for the most part you will see managers like McGraw, Mack and Wright and Anson
leading in manager wins
I tried to put whether it was an owner, manager or player on the transaction sheet.
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